L’entreprise Morice Constructeur est le spécialiste du châssis surbaissé spécifique, de la suspension pneumatique MoriceAir et des véhicules de transport de personnes à mobilité réduite.

Our 3 skills

Since 1974, Morice Constructeur looks for, develops and innovates for you.

Coach builder manufacturer, Morice Constructeur is the specialist of the specific chassis with lowering system, pneumatic suspension Morice Air and transport vehicles of people with reduced mobility (WAV market).

Located in Messac on 2 sites of 2400 m2, the head office is dedicated to the production and to the reception, the second site exclusively in the research and development.

Morice Constructeur
Route de Bain de Bretagne • B.P. 29
35480 Guipry-Messac / France

Tel. : +33(0)2 99 34 63 58
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